Episode #2 - We have a "F" word about Inbox Zero

Episode #2 - We have a "F" word about Inbox Zero
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Episode #2 - We have a "F" word about Inbox Zero

May 14 2021 | 00:25:17

Episode 2 May 14, 2021 00:25:17

Hosted By

Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

Cris Sgrott and Deb Lee jump headfirst into a pretty controversial subject in the productivity world - achieving “Inbox Zero”.

However minimalist such an inbox promises to be, both Deb and Cris agree that it is an endless battle. In today’s episode, they share some of their experiences and opinions on striving for Inbox Zero along with alternative ways to organize your email that may be surprisingly satisfying in their own right. 

Discussion Points:

  • Reasons Deb and Cris don’t believe in “Inbox Zero”
  • How Deb and Cris manage their inboxes
  • About Snoozing and Boomerang
  • Inbox Zero works for certain people
  • Do whatever works for you
  • More about Gmail features that help organize inbox
  • Make sure Inbox Zero will actually help you


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