Episode #30 - Extreme Ways to Fight Procrastination

Episode #30 - Extreme Ways to Fight Procrastination
Productivity Lovers
Episode #30 - Extreme Ways to Fight Procrastination

Jun 30 2023 | 00:26:57

Episode 30 June 30, 2023 00:26:57

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Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

Have a project you’ve been putting off? Need a strong shove to get it done? Deb and Cris have got you covered! In this episode, they delve into extreme strategies you can use to overcome procrastination, like burning money. Literally!  The discussion covers unusual “anti-procrastination” apps, methods from authors Jon Acuff and Raymond Chandler, and even a tip from a well-known comedian. Use this episode as a comprehensive guide to unconventional techniques to combat procrastination so you can get ‘er done! 

PSA: Have sensitive ears? Be forewarned -- there is a colorful word or two in this episode. Be sure to use your earbuds if you have kiddos around!  


  • Commitment apps to help you to overcome procrastination  
  • "Shocking” method to help you get stuff done 
  • Using social media as motivation to overcome procrastination  
  • Ranking the effectiveness of various extreme strategies 
  • Share what you’re doing, send feedback, rate, and subscribe! 



- Resource List (with all the apps we talked about) https://bit.ly/PLPodcast30Resources 

- Book: "Finish" by Jon Acuff https://acuff.me/books/ 

- Episode #6 - Jon Acuff https://bit.ly/PLPodcast6Finish 

- Article: "5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating"  https://www.boisestate.edu/coen-mbe/2021/04/20/5-ways-to-stop-procrastinating/ 

- Have a question or an extreme strategy that works for you? Share it with us! bit.ly/PLPQuestions 





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