Episode #24 - Productive, Not Perfect

Episode #24 - Productive, Not Perfect
Productivity Lovers
Episode #24 - Productive, Not Perfect

Jan 27 2023 | 00:26:52

Episode 24 January 27, 2023 00:26:52

Hosted By

Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

Are you falling victim to the fear of things not being perfect? Do you procrastinate because you don’t have the right organizing tools or containers? Cris and Deb are here to let you know that it doesn’t all have to be perfect! 

In this episode, you’ll hear about a client named “Carol” (not her real name) who was completely stuck and couldn’t move forward with her organizing project because (you guessed it) things weren’t *exactly* as she wanted them to be.

Don’t let this happen to you. Listen to this episode to learn about simple things you can do overcome perfectionism so you can get stuff done. Remember, you can call us if you need help!

Discussion Points:

  • Marriage, Disney movies, and Type A people
  • “Carol and The Perfect Container”
  • Are you on one of the 4 roads that lead to procrastination?
  • How do you handle your perfectionist tendencies?
  • The one thing you Cris and Deb think you should do right now to stop perfectionism in its tracks



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