Episode #27 - The Chaos of To Do Lists and Sticky Notes

Episode #27 - The Chaos of To Do Lists and Sticky Notes
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Episode #27 - The Chaos of To Do Lists and Sticky Notes

Apr 12 2023 | 00:27:57

Episode 27 April 12, 2023 00:27:57

Hosted By

Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

In this episode, Deb and Cris dig into a listener question submitted through their survey form (link below in “Resources”). The question centers on using sticky notes to write to-do lists. Cris and Deb go through the pros and cons of sticky notes and share some stories about clients who were extreme sticky note users and savers. They aslo offer some tools and solutions to stop the chaos and help you keep track of those little pieces of paper.

Discussion Points:

  • What is ‘junk’ to an organizer?
  • Do you have to stop using sticky notes to capture your to-dos?
  • Ways to organize your note and find them easily
  • Apps + digital notebooks to help you save and organize all your notes
  • How to name your digital lists so you can find them quickly
  • Tech tools and their assistance in naming files
  • Show us what you're using for your tasks!



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