Episode #13 - The "Poopy Plumber" Productivity Problem

Episode #13 - The "Poopy Plumber" Productivity Problem
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Episode #13 - The "Poopy Plumber" Productivity Problem

Dec 10 2021 | 00:30:03

Episode 13 December 10, 2021 00:30:03

Hosted By

Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

Today we go back in time to remember a moment where Deb felt like she went off the rails a little bit with her emotions after a particularly negative interaction with a plumber at her home during renovations.

We talk about what she did to deal with those emotions, both in that moment and throughout the minutes and hours after in order to remain productive. We also answer our very first listener question.  

Discussion Points:

  • The “Poopy Plumber” story
  • Ways to deal with emotions when trying to be productive
  • Coping strategies to help you in difficult moments
  • Listener question answered: How to become “Magically Productive” 


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