Episode #29 - When Productivity Basics are Annoying!

Episode #29 - When Productivity Basics are Annoying!
Productivity Lovers
Episode #29 - When Productivity Basics are Annoying!

Jun 16 2023 | 00:28:29

Episode 29 June 16, 2023 00:28:29

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Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

In this episode, Cris shares a pet peeve -- how annoying “being basic” can be especially when it comes to productivity tips and tricks. And asks the question: What should you do when you’re looking for the “holy grail” of strategies so you can finally boost your productivity BUT all you get is the boring stuff you’ve already heard about? In this discussion, Cris and Deb tease through how you can go from annoyed to productive with "just the basics."


  • The pros and cons of basic productivity habits
  • Cris and Deb’s “basics” of productivity
  • Routines & mindsets that match your work day
  • The basic thing that helps “procrastination brain” and “hyperfocus”
  • Do your productivity tools need to look good in order for you to use them?
  • Share what you’re doing, send feedback, rate, and subscribe!



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