Episode #28 - Mom Neglect

Episode #28 - Mom Neglect
Productivity Lovers
Episode #28 - Mom Neglect

May 30 2023 | 00:36:12

Episode 28 May 30, 2023 00:36:12

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Deb Lee Cris Sgrott

Show Notes

In this episode, Deb and Cris discuss the importance of self-care for parents, especially mothers. They share personal experiences and insights on balancing motherhood and work, emphasizing the need for a strong support system and meaningful relationships beyond the parent-child dynamic. Cris and Deb explore self-care strategies for busy moms and the essential role it plays in maintaining productivity.


  • Cris’ AARP membership and Seasonal Affectation Disorder
  • What is “Mom Neglect?”
  • How can you balance motherhood and work?
  • Strategies to help parents feel more in control and productive
  • Mom or Dad? Who is more able to maintain self-care?
  • Taking time for oneself- self-care ideas
  • Parenting and self-care challenges
  • Should you hire help or seek support? 



  1. PLP Episode 25: My 3 Favorite People https://bit.ly/PLP3FavePeople
  2. Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast by Dr. Brad Reedy - Episode 244 - Healthy Detachment: https://apple.co/3pimIsp (We mentioned Dr. Becky but it was really Dr. Brad!)
  3. The NYT Article: Neglecting Yourself Doesn’t Make You a Better Mother by Danna Lorch https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/10/parenting/self-care-moms.html
  4. Submit Your Questions to Productivity Lovers Podcast: bit.ly/PLPQuestions




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